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Does It Hurt???

Updated: Feb 13

Does Permanent Makeup Hurts?

One of the most frequently asked questions about permanent makeup concerns the matter of pain.

First of all! Dear people please make sure that you choose technician that is trained with accredited trainers and are fully insured and licensed! Do some research, check previous work pictures and attend consultation (ask about anything what’s on your mind, any questions relating your preferred treatment). Consultation is necessary to see if you are feeling safe and satisfied with your technician! You are always allowed to change your mind and technician should always reply to your questions and address your concerns!

Now about the pain. You probably have heard stories from people who have had permanent (semi-permanent, cosmetic tattoo, microblading) makeup applied and found it painful to varying degrees. Some of these stories might come from personal sources like family and friends. I am always truly sorry to hear any of these stories and their outcomes (like someone had really bad experience with microblading, resulting with eyebrow hair loss). That’s why please choose a very good technician!

Before permanent makeup application we will numb the area with anaesthetic cream/gel and will not proceed until you feel comfortable. Then we’re carrying out the anaesthetic cream/gel application also during the treatment.

Of course your discomfort will vary from your own individual pain threshold. But let me assure you that even if you have a very sensitive skin you won’t feel nothing close to the pain you have imagined.

I have had so many clients who have left permanent makeup aside for numerous years because of fear of the pain. Always during the session they mention that if they would know that this procedure doesn’t hurt at all or very minimal (at some point). They would do it so much earlier.

There is a bit of a walk towards that ’browtopia’ and look you always wanted. In my opinion healing process is the most “painful” (not physically painful) part of it all. But, oh boy, once you reached that goal - there is no turning back!!

Please note that permanent makeup treatment for lips might be the most sensitive, as lips don’t have any protective layer that we have all over our skin.

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